Terms and Conditions


Age: It is mandatory that the costumer of our store must be 21 years old if he/she is from US and 18 years old if he/she is an European customer.

Satisfaction guarantee: www.hot-cigs.biz online cigarette shop is caring about commodity and predilection of its customers. Our entire team respects and shows care for every cig shopper. www.hot-cigs.biz respects all the agreements that were offered to its clients. However, if the tobacco product that you have ordered is not received or is damaged, www.hot-cigs.biz wouldn’t repay the money back till the case would be completely investigated. The period of completeing of all the requested steps is 10-20 days because of the post offices tracking procedure.

The issuer of your credit card also insures all your orders.

Product quality: All the tobacco products that can be bought on hot-cigs.biz are of premium quality. If the tobacco producers change the quality of definite cigarette brand this online shop is not responsible.

Payment Options: Hot-Cigs.biz accepts credit card payments made by Visa.

Order processing: The information about the ordered products will be checked within 1 day.

Resale of the tobacco products: This thing is forbidden by law. www.hot-cigs.biz trades cigarettes for personal usage only.

Shipping of the ordered tobacco products: Shipping of the cigarettes can be done in the period of 7 to 10 days after ordering. The cost of the shipping is indicated in the order processing pages.

Acceptance: If a customer decided to order cigarettes on www.hot-cigs.biz he/she must take into consideration all the information that was presented on the “Terms and conditions”.

Charges and fees: www.hot-cigs.biz in not responsible for difficulties or problems of the charge/fees processes. It is the customer responsibility. We don’t control the economical part of the ordering (charge/fees procedures) of our clients. If you met anu difficulties or troubles we insist to contact our support center with the description of the problem and we will do everything possible to resolve it.