Money Back Guarantee

Money is a serious and trustworthy online business. We are doing our best to offer our adult customers the best products and services. We guarantee that the products you ordered will be delivered in fresh and not-damaged condition. However, in case your order did not arrive for any reason, or arrived in damaged condition, we offer 100% refund or replacement order.

If you are willing to have your money returned back in case of non-delivery, please contact us by email 30 days after the day of shipment, and let us know about your intention. In the letter, please provide the number of your order. The funds are posted back to the account within 3-14 business days. Please note that we can only re-fund the account from which the funds have been originally withdrawn.

In case you want to return the delivered order, or refuse it at your post office, please send us the confirmation of the package return signed by the Post Office representative. In this case we will issue a refund immediately after the order is received back by our shipping department.

We kindly ask you to avoid reversing the charges through your bank, as in this case, the processing company we are working with, would blacklist your account, so you will never be able to order from our site, or any other online business working with the same processing company.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever any additional assistance of information is needed.