Zimbru cigarettes


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Zimbru cigarettes

If you are courageous, self-confident person who is not afraid of obstacles, rough and tumbles of life than Zimbru cigarettes are what you need. Zimbru brand is produced by TUTUN CTC, the biggest tobacco company in Eastern Europe that applied all its forces in order to obtain such exclusive cigarettes. TUTUN CTC is very famous tobacco company which has won many tobacco contests for their premium quality cigarette products and occupies a leading place in tobacco markets.

The name of Zimbru cigarette brand comes from the Romanian word “zimbru” that means “ox”, an animal that symbolizes force and power. That is why Zimbru cigs are one of the strongest smoking brands of Moldavian Tobacco Company. Zimbru fags are distinguished for their strong powerful flavor, aroma that gives vitality and vigour and pure premium quality tobacco.

Zimbru cigarette brand is a mixture of more than 20 sorts of carefully selected tobacco. It has an unsurpassed aroma, a strong taste and an intense flavor. The unique blend of the high quality tobacco allows smokers to feel a bracing aroma and unforgettable pleasure. Zimbru fags will fill you with energy boost for all the day.

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Zimbru cigarettes brand is of a king size (85 mm), 20 cigarettes in a pack, soft pack. Tar volume - 15.0 mg; nicotine volume- 1.2 mg.