Vogue cigarettes

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Vogue cigarettes

Vogue cigarettes - buy vogue cigarettes online

Vogue brand originated in the 1960s in Germany, being a local cigarette brand intended for women-smokers. Though it was a king-size product, it offered smooth smoke and premium taste. After the success on German tobacco market, the manufacturers modified both tobacco blend and packaging in order to launch Vogue cigarette brand internationally.

Vogue cigarettes were ones of the first tobacco products selling in Super Slim premium segment, which is currently the most rapidly-growing category of international tobacco market. The owner of Vogue brand, British American Tobacco, marketed the brand as tobacco product for modern, successful and elegant women who are loyal to premium quality products.

Vogue cigarettes today are considered a kind of a golden standard in women’s cigarettes. Adult cigarette-lovers associate Vogue brand with an elegant, beautiful and independent woman, since for women the quality of tobacco products they are loyal to is equally important as their look, and the laconic, exquisite packs of Vogue cigarettes look magnificent in woman’s hand

The world-known Vogue advertising campaign started in 2003 marketed these cigs as made only for women and declared a sort of superiority of women who smoke Vogue cigarettes over men, seduced by chic and gorgeous female Vogue smokers.

In addition, British American Tobacco changed the design of Vogue cigarettes’ packs, making it even more exclusive and luxurious.

You can buy Vogue cigarettes online in our tax-free cigarette store, selecting from the following ravishing varieties: Vogue Superslims Bleue, Vogue Superslims Lilas, Vogue Superslims Menthe, Vogue Superslims Arome and Vogue Superslims Platine. These styles offer adult smokers a choice to get more invigorating smoke or more mild and relaxing one. Yet, one thing that is common for all these types of Vogue cigarettes is their premium quality which helped this brand become an iconic accessory for millions of women around the world.