Temp cigarettes

Temp Export

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Temp cigarettes

Temp cigarettes

Temp cigarettes were launched in 1983, and grew to become one of the most well-known and reputed cigarette brands in Moldovan cigarette market. Temp brand is also popular in several European countries, as smokers appreciate this low-cost smoking product. In the manufacture of Temp cigarettes, TUTUN-CTC, the maker of this brand, applies advanced technologies of processing tobacco and is blending, developed by world-recognized tobacco companies. The rich experience and high professional skills of the manufacturer’s experts as well as the usage of advanced innovative technologies in tobacco production and addition of several sorts of premium Oriental and Burley tobaccos contributed to creation of a cigarette with a rich taste and bracing flavor.

Temp cigarette brand family comprises four different styles: Temp, Temp Export, Temp Gold and Temp Silver. Temp is the classic style, while Temp Export is the top-selling variety from the brand’s assortment, as it offers the best quality and taste.

Both Temp and Temp Export cigarettes were created in cooperation with the Swiss company P. Lehmann Consulting expert team. The cigarettes are referred to American Blend type and comply with European Union requirements on the content of toxic chemicals in the cigarette smoke.

Temp Export cigarettes provide 0.8mg of nicotine and 10mg of tar being a mid-strength cigarette, and offer an intense and invigorating taste and pleasing aroma which enhances the smoking process.

Temp Gold and Temp Silver cigarettes were introduced in 2006 and gained outstanding popularity shortly after their launch. The tobacco blend for these brands was composed by Hertz Flavors Co, number one European company in this area. Every cigarette comprises nearly 30 sorts of superb quality tobacco, which ensures satisfaction and delight from the smoking process.

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