Style cigarettes

Style Superslims Aroma

$1644 / $2055

Style Superslims Blue

$1572 / $1965

Style Superslims One

$1896 / $2370

Style Superslims Rose

$1896 / $2370

Style cigarettes

Style cigarettes – light and luscious smoke

Style cigarettes have been developed in order to match the needs and expectations of modern, elegant and confident women smokers, who are wishing to get trendy accessories, even in case of tobacco products.

These light and premium quality cigarettes are made by world-recognized tobacco giant, Imperial Tobacco, which is one of the largest cigarette makers in the world. The cigarette brands manufactured by this tobacco corporation are distinguished by superb quality, usage of fine tobaccos and application of the advanced filters as well as the smallest quantity of harmful chemicals in the smoke across the industry.

Style cigarettes are packed in beautiful white packs featuring a butterfly, which is a symbol of the feather-light nature of Style cigarettes, so that lighting up these cigarettes will captivate you by charming flavor, luring taste and gorgeous aroma. You will forget the harsh smoke of men’s cigarettes with laconic and luxury Style cigarettes.

Although Style Super Slim cigarette brand is not available in the United States’ tobacco market, it has won tremendous popularity in Eastern Europe and Asia, where adult smokers prefer genuine and superb tobacco products instead of paying for a well-known trademark. The success of Style smoking brands is the best evidence of their premium quality and bracing taste.

Style brand is selling in only versions – Style Selection Bleue and Style Selection Rose, but these two varieties are just enough to lure adult women smokers with their stylish slim frame, gentle taste, smooth flavor and fascinating aroma. Style cigarette brand will be a great find for tobacco users who have their own sense of style and prefer to have the best things.

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