Sobranie cigarettes

Sobranie Blue

$3804 / $4755

Sobranie Gold

$3804 / $4755

Sobranie London Cocktail

$5201 / $6501

Sobranie SuperSlims Black

$3802 / $4753

Sobranie SuperSlims Gold

$2779 / $3474

Sobranie SuperSlims Pink

$2875 / $3594

Sobranie SuperSlims White

$3800 / $4750

Sobranie Black Russian

$5201 / $6501

Sobranie Slims Blues

$1890 / $2363

Sobranie Slims Mints

$1890 / $2363

Sobranie cigarettes

Sobranie cigarettes - a smoking trend

Sobranie cigarettes are a tobacco brand produced by the well-known tobacco company “Gallaher Group”, which is famous for its quality tobacco and a unique way of processing the tobacco for its cigarettes . The tobacco products of this company are of the best quality and are popular amongst smokers all over the world. These cigarettes have a special aroma and taste that make them popular on tobacco markets. Gallaher Group product’s ingredients are have a unique quality and flavor. Sobranie cigarettes were firstly produced in Ukraine and since 2005 in Russia. These cigarettes are the most expensive Russian cigarettes that have a leading place on the tobacco market. Sobranie brand can be compared with Dunhill cigarettes - one of the most expensive and luxurious cig brands.

Sobranie cigarettes are a woman-oriented smoking brand. It has an exclusive taste and premium quality tobacco. It is a real women’s thing. Now, the producers have elaborated a large variety of Sobranie cigarettes that are different in color and, of course, in taste. Every lady can choose her favorite Sobranie cigarette and the color of cig’ pack to complete her style. This is an exclusive tobacco product that combines pleasure and beauty.

It’s important that Gallaher’s cigarettes contain additional ingredients that make the taste special, as Sobranie cigarettes are. The flavor composition of Gallaher tobacco products is a company “secret”. So, if you are looking for cigarettes that are produced especially for ladies, are slim, have the best tobacco and exclusive taste, Sobranie cigarettes are what you are looking for.

This slimmest cigarettes can be bought at the lowest price in the following variety: Sobranie Slims Pinks, Sobranie Slims Mints, Sobranie Slims Blues and Sobranie Slims Whites - every lady can choose her own taste and color. Decide on your style with Sobranie cigarettes.