Red & White cigarettes

Red & White American Blend

$1788 / $2235

Red & White Fine

$1898 / $2373

Red & White Special

$1252 / $1565

Red & White Superslims Fine

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Rich

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Shine

$1285 / $1606

Red & White Superslims Special

$1285 / $1606

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White is probably one of most popular international cigarette brands marketed by Philip Morris International, the number one cigarette maker in the world, which doesn’t needs any advertisement, being a world-recognized leader in production of amazing tobacco products.

Red & White brand has not been on the market for a long time, it has already earned the reputation of a great quality discount smoking product which is preferred by many adult smokers in more than 70 markets for their inimitable taste and superb quality, the major features of all products manufactured by Philip Morris.

Red & White cigarettes will match the needs of those adult cigarette-lovers, who prefer paying less for their cigs, but still receive a high quality product offering rich taste and elegant look. This low-cost cigarette brand was named after two colors that together symbolize a combination of purity and passion, desire and tolerance.

The base of tobacco blend of Red & White cigarette brand is composed of Virginia tobaccos, which provides smokers with a traditional flavor, such as the one offered by iconic Marlboro cigarette brand; yet, the manufacturer as well used a secret ingredient which makes these cigarettes’ taste refined and intense.

The Red & White brand assortment comprises six varieties which differ in terms of length and strength. For those adult smokers who prefer bold smoke, we offer classic full-flavor cigarette - Red & White American Blend; whereas Red & White Special and Red & White Fine would suit those who like more mild smoke.

In addition, Red & White brand is available in delicate Super Slim styles: Red & White Super Slims Special and Red & White Super Slims Fine intended especially for women-smokers and offering a gentle taste and sleek frame.

Tax-free Red & White cigarettes would be the perfect choice for you. Buy discount Red & White brand online in our store and enjoy its quality and taste.