Plugarul cigarettes


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Plugarul cigarettes

The smoking brand called Plugarul is a novelty introduced by the biggest tobacco company from Eastern Europe, TUTUN CTC, that is well- known and appreciated all over the world. Its tobacco products are made only from premium quality ingredients and were awarded a great number of prizes at the International exhibitions.

Plugarul cigarettes are positioned as cigarettes for those who like and know how to work. The name “Plugarul” derives from the Romanian word, which denotes a person who ploughs the ground. Plugarul cigs are made for strong and hard-working people and it is not without reason that men choose them in order to feel a true smoking experience.

Low cost non-filtered Plugarul cigarettes (king size) are distinct not only in their taste but also in their pure semi-oriental tobacco types from local regions. This product is popular among smokers with low incomes that prefer cigarette products with strong and rich taste with a relative concentration of tar and nicotine.

Plugaru cigs are characterized by a modest and restrained design. Despite this, this brand is in demand on the market of tobacco products and has its loyal consumers.

If you prefer exclusive fags with original tobacco without any chemical additives and you appreciate everything that is natural, than Plugarul cigarettes is your best choice. Just try it and besides the real taste of non- filtered cigs you will feel new inimitable sensations. So do not hesitate and order now Plugarul Cigarette brand at our online tobacco store at the best price.