Plai cigarettes


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Plai cigarettes

Plai cigarettes were specially created for patriot smokers who love their native land, the place where their heart is. The name of this cigarette brand comes from Romanian word “plai” that means “homeland”. That is why the cigarettes with such patriotic name are so popular among many smokers in Eastern Europe and not only, who want to have a sensation of pleasant tremble and feelings of comfort.

This cigarette brand is produced by TUTUN-CTC a leading tobacco company in Eastern Europe that contributed to the high quality of the cigarettes that are sold not only inside the country but abroad too. TUTUN-CTC gained a lot of prizes for premium quality of their tobacco products.

Plai cigarettes are manufactured from different tobacco types gathered namely from local regions and imported from European Countries. This mixture of premium quality sorts of tobacco adds to Plai fags fine tobacco flavor and an impressive taste. Being quite strong smoking cigarettes they are mainly used by men smokers. Plai king size cigs comprise - 1.2mg nicotine volume and 15.0mg tar volume.

If you want to feel like at home with every inhaling than it is your right choice. Having tasted them once, you won’t be able to change them for anything else.

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