Orbita cigarettes


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Orbita cigarettes

Orbita is a mysterious cigarette brand represented by the TUTUN-CTC the only company in Moldova and Eastern Europe that contributed to the premium quality of the cigarettes that are sold not only inside the country but abroad too. Orbita is one of the most popular cigarettes brand produced on the territory of the Post- Soviet Space and are considered Oriental Blend cigarettes.

The manufacturer of Orbita cigarettes created a unique brand of cigarettes that is made on the base of traditional technology using mixture of different marketable and botanical sorts of tobacco belonging to aromatic group. The premium quality tobacco is imported from Bulgaria, Greece, Italia, Turkey and other European Countries.

In order to reduce the amount of harmful substances in tobacco smoke and to raise the combustibility the producers of Orbita cigarettes use volumetrically expanded tobacco leaf veins and reconstituted tobacco. Thus from the first inhalation you will feel the unique and strong flavor that will lure you to a space of inexpressible sensations.

Orbita cigarettes brand is a filtered one and possesses higher nicotine level – 1.3 mg with a tar volume 16.0 mg. Therefore this cigarette brand is done probably for those men who want to experiment something stronger and a feel a range of new satisfactions from smoking process.

We will be glad to offer you this tobacco product at our online tobacco store at affordable price. Orbita cigarettes are available in king size (85 mm) or short (70 mm), soft pack, 20 cigarettes in a pack.