Nistru cigarettes

Nistru Non-Filter

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Nistru cigarettes

Currently it is almost impossible to find a good quality non-filtered cigarette on the market, as most smokers prefer cigarettes with filters. That is why our discount cigarette store is delighted to offer Nistru cigarette brand, the best-selling non-filtered smoke in our stock. This tobacco product might become an awesome find for those tobacco-lovers, who are loyal to the natural flavor or real tobacco that can be found only in non-filtered cigarettes.

Nistru cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, a famous Moldovan tobacco company, prominent for the superior quality of its products and usage of finest raw tobaccos. This cigarette maker has received many international awards and certificates, proving that it manufactures outstanding tobacco products.

The high quality of Nistru non-filtered cigs was ensured with the usage of the finest sorts of aromatic semi-flavored tobaccos grown in Turkey and mixed with locally-cultivates tobaccos, which in combination deliver bracing and intense flavor that smokers love in Nistru smokes.

Nistru non-filtered brand represents Oriental blend type, providing a sweetish-spicy taste and superior captivating flavor that makes smokers enjoy the Nistru smoking experience. These cigarettes measure 700 mm in length and come in soft packs with laconic and peaceful design, depicting a small boat floating in the river.

This low-price cigarette brand could become a perfect selection for those adult smokers who are loyal to intense smoke, fine quality and bracing taste of non-filtered tobacco and receive the most of pleasure from lighting up.

In our tax-free cigarette store discount Nistru cigarettes are offered at the lowest possible price and shipped directly from the official manufacturer, ensuring the freshness and authenticity of these cigarettes.

If you are into the real pleasure of tobacco without filters, then Nistru cigarettes are definitely the right choice for you. If you believe that only a non-filtered cigarette can give the natural pleasure of tobacco smoking, then you should definitely try Nistru cigarettes and savor the real tobacco taste without any additives.