Marengo cigarettes

Marengo Forte

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Marengo cigarettes

Every major tobacco company across the globe has its own flagship, premium quality brand: Philip Morris owns Marlboros, Reynolds American has Camels. TUTUN-CTC, one of the leading cigarette companies in Eastern Europe and producer of Doina cigarettes also decided to launch its own premium brand.

After several years of hard work and various researches, the latest masterpiece of TUTUN-CTC, named Marengo, was introduced to the market.

Marengo cigarettes are made from expensive premium-quality American Blend tobacco, imported from several corners of the world. The manufacturer’s experts had been developing the unique tobacco formula and tantalizing aroma under the control of Swiss company Lehamn Consulting, which applied the latest technologies to create these ravishing cigarettes.

Experts combined more than 30 sorts of American blend tobacco and natural flavoring agents in order to receive a truly astonishing and magic taste that helps to discover a wholly new world of thrilling sensations.

The innovative filters were created by the world-famous filter maker, Filtrona International Ltd, which developed an advanced filter technology, Recessed & Charcoal Filter System, also used in the best-selling brands at the international market.

Marengo cigarettes comply with European Union’s quality standards, what was confirmed by corresponding certificates. Despite their young age, Marengo cigarettes have already become a strong competitor in their class in both domestic and international markets.

Today our online cigarette store offers you an exclusive opportunity to taste these superb quality cigarettes by ordering them at a discount price.

Marengo Cigarettes are selling in three versions: Marengo Forte, Marengo Legato and Marengo Piano, which differ in strength but having the same premium quality and unforgettable taste.