Luceafar cigarettes


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Luceafar cigarettes

The name of Luceafar cigarettes is translated from Romanian as the Morning Star. This name wasn’t selected accidentally, since according to the legend, the Morning Star kindles the flame of love in people’s hearts, like Luceafar cigarettes provoke thrilling sensations during the smoking process.

Luceafar cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, the only tobacco company in Moldova and Eastern Europe region holding the European Union certificates on environment protection and health safety, what contributed to the dramatic growth in popularity of Moldavian cigarettes in European market, and Luceafar cigarettes is among those brands, well-known by European smokers.

The exclusive tobacco formula of Luceafar cigarettes contains nearly 20 different sorts of selected tobacco imported from various corners of the world, from South America to Africa, which along with natural aromatizants give Luceafar cigarettes a unique bold taste and superb intense aroma.

The unique brown filter of Luceafar smokes was developed by British company Filtrone International Ltd., a world-leader in the field of production of cigarette filters, what guarantees the effectiveness of Luceafar filters in preventing the penetration of toxic substances into lungs.

Distinctive design, high quality and low price allowed Luceafar cigarettes to win the trust of adult smokers and become one of the leaders in their respective cigarette class.

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