Leana cigarettes

Leana Non-Filter

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Leana cigarettes

Distinctive and genuine taste, real strength – these are the principal features that differ Leana cigarettes from all other brands. However, the main particularity is still to follow – Leana smokes don’t have filter.

The long-time tobacco-aficionados know that although tobacco giants allege that filters make cigarettes healthier and safer, it is not true and only non-filtered cigarettes like Leana cigarettes allow enjoying the original taste of pure tobacco. In addition, non-filtered cigarettes are known to contain less toxic additives than their filtered counterparts.

Leana brand are produced by Moldavian cigarette-maker TUTUN-CTC, one of the leading tobacco companies in the Eastern Europe, winner of many contests and holder of many international quality certificates.

The manufacturer’s years spent several years traveling around the world in search of exclusive tobacco formula for Leana cigarettes and found a high-quality tobacco grown on the sunlit plains of Turkey and filled with the gorgeous aroma of Mediterranean Sea.

So, if you prefer unique taste of pure tobacco and are used to the original flavor of non-filtered cigarettes, Leana brand is namely for you.

These country-style cigarettes of a particularly high quality and astonishingly low price can be purchased exclusively in our online tobacco shop.

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Leana cigarettes- made for real men with rebellious souls and brave minds.