Lady cigarettes

Lady Diamond

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Lady Menthol

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Lady Rose

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Lady cigarettes

Lady Slims cigarettes – ladies only

Dear Ladies, if you were looking for an elegant and feminine cigarette brand, with a light and luscious smoke, you have come to the right place. Lady Slims cigarette brand is an exclusive and refined tobacco product created especially for women smokers, allowing them to stop smoking harsh men’s smokes, and set their own rules of smoking games. Lady cigarettes were developed namely to accentuate femininity and style, so they will be perfect accessory for sensible and self-confident women.

Every feature of Lady cigarettes radiates its gentle and exquisite nature. The beautiful packs, made from shining paper bring the glam factor to those female smokers who prefer these cigarettes. The extraordinary, bright pink wrapping paper will hide lipstick signs, and the gorgeous design of packs and cigarettes will suit the needs of even the most fastidious fashionistas.

According to the maker of these luxury cigarettes, they were developed to appreciate all women in fashion and style, as these beautiful women deserve the very best. And this motto precisely describes Lady cigarette brand – a slim cigarette with an outstanding combination of premium quality, smooth smoke and luring flavor – which turn smoking into a glamorous experience.

Another essential characteristic of Lady Slims is the low amounts of nicotine, of just 0.5mg, which allows women to be more comfortable about their skin and beauty, as lower amounts of chemicals and advanced filter systems diminish the negative effects of smoking.

Lady Slims is the flagship cigarette brand of SPS Cigaronne, well-known Armenian cigarette manufacturer. The company launched Lady Slims in 2005, but it already gained a good share of Eastern European market, and continues to grow in the slim cigarette segment. Our discount cigarette store is pleased to offer tax-free Lady Slims cigarettes in three versions: Lady Rose, Lady Menthol and Lady Diamond.

Is delighted to offer three different styles of Lady Slims: Lady Menthol, Lady Diamond and Lady Rose. Lady Rose is the state-of-art cig, with mild rose-flavored smoke and innovative Less Side Stream technology, which reduces the amounts of side smoke, produced by the cigarettes.