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Fluieraş cigarettes

Discount Fluieras cigarettes

Fluieras cigarette brand saw the world for the first time in the 1980s as a smoking product oriented for adult smokers who prefer low-cost cigarettes with bold smoke and pleasant quality. This brand gained trust of many consumers with its great price and quality. Fluieras cigarette brand is manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, the number one cigarette company in Moldova, recognized for such outstanding brands as Doina and Cosmos.

Despite Fluieras was one of the top-selling brands on the local market, its maker decided to innovate this low-cost cigarette, to keep up with the evolving requirements of smokers.Thus, working in close collaboration with foreign experts, TUTUN-CTC developed a vivid red pack for Fluieras brand, depicting a boy playing on a flute. This picture has a symbolic meaning, as “Fluieras” denotes “flute” in Romanian language and culture.

The manufacturer also modified tobacco blend of these discount cigarettes, adding Burley tobacco cultivated in Africa. All tobaccos used in production of Fluieras cigarettes were processed with the usage of advanced tobacco processing technology, which enhances the taste of the cigarettes.

The flavor of Fluieras cigarettes was changed as well through the addition of natural honey flavoring, which provides a spicy note to the base flavor composition and grants bracing and rich flavor.

Moreover, TUTUN-CTC experts added efficient mono-acetate filters to protect adult smokers from harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke. These modifications ensured a significant enhancement of the taste and quality of Fluieras cigs were greatly appreciated by adult cigarette-lovers who admitted that the innovated brand offered a high quality tobacco product with magnificent bold taste and invigorating flavor.

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