Doina cigarettes

Doina King Size

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Doina cigarettes

Doina cigarettes

The manufacturer of Doina cigarette brand is Tutun CTC - the largest independent cigarette maker in the Eastern Europe. Recently Tutun CTC purchased advanced equipment that significantly improved the quality of its products and expanded the number of the markets where these products are selling. Currently, cigarette brands produced by this tobacco giant are highly popular in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and other countries located in this region.

The great quality of tobacco brands manufactured by Tutun CTC was expertly confirmed by at numerous international exhibitions where the company won many awards for quality of its products.

One of the best Tutun CTC tobacco brands is Doina cigarette. This top-of-the-line tobacco product provides an outstanding mixture of Virginia and Oriental tobaccos, offering a combination of bracing taste of American blend tobaccos and spicy semi-flavored taste of Oriental blend, making the flavor of Doina cigarettes an unforgettable and incomparable.

Its genuine taste and flavor have contributed to making discount Doina brand a best-selling product on the local market, as it won great reputation and nationwide recognition shortly after its launch. Currently, many adult smokers are loyal to Doina brand, preferring it to all other world-recognized cigarette brands.

You can buy Doina cigarettes online in our tax-free cigarette store, choosing from the following varieties Doina Soft, Doina Classic, Doina King Size, Doina Premium Gold, Doina Menthol, Doina Lights and Doina Premium.

Each of these styles delivers its unique and specific taste. Doina Premium and Doina Premium Gold give a touch of exclusiveness and premium flavor. Doina Claassic provides a traditional bold tobacco flavor. Doina Lights offers a smoother experience, while Doina Soft grants a forgotten pleasure of tasting natural tobacco. In addition, menthol-smokers could opt for Doina Menthol to get their boost of refreshing menthol flavor.

If you are willing to try this masterpiece of Moldovan tobacco industry, simply order discount Doina cigarettes online and enjoy their exceptional taste and premium quality.