Cosmos cigarettes


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Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos is a widely-recognized cigarette brand with high reputation among adult cigarette-lovers in Moldova and neighboring European countries. This tobacco product became successful more than two decades ago, shortly after its launch by TUTUN-CTC, the leading cigarette-maker in Moldova.

Cosmos cigarettes are made from the finely-roasted Oriental and Virginia tobaccos cultivated in the sunny plantations of Moldova, Uganda and Turkey. The carefully-selected tobacco leaves were processed using innovative technologies which gave a significant increase in the quality and taste properties these discount cigarettes provide.

The TUTUN-CTC experts have paid attention to creating a unique flavor for Cosmos brand – vanilla hint perfectly combined with natural tobacco flavor of and enriches the invigorating oriental taste common to this type of cigarettes.

During the production of Cosmos cigarettes the manufacturer applied advanced technologies of tobacco processing, and blending created by world-recognized companies throughout the international tobacco industry. In addition, Cosmos cigarettes have been equipped with highly effective mono-acetate filters which retain most part of harmful chemicals.

All these characteristics make Cosmos cigarette brand a superior quality product with an invigorating and rich flavor which will match the requirements of adult consumers who are loyal to a stronger and tougher smoke. Cosmos brand is particularly popular in Moldavian tobacco market, being a low-cost brand which offers high quality.

Cosmos cigarettes comprise 16mg of tar and 1.2mg of nicotine offering a smooth taste, pleasant aroma, and great quality which make the process of puffing these king-size cigarettes into a delightful experience.

Cosmos cigarettes are a great find for those smokers who prefer strong smoke and know the value of real products, instead of paying for a brand name. If you think you are one of these adult cigarette-lovers, you should make a try of this genuine smoking product.

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