Continent cigarettes

Continent Superslims

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Continent cigarettes

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Continent Super Slims cigarettes brand, offered by Innovation Tobacco, is relatively young but already popular in the smokers community. Now you have a good opportunity not only to get yourself familiar with these cigarettes, but you can also get advantage of its discount price.

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Continent Cigarettes – Find Your Continent of Great Taste and New Smoking Experience!

Continent Super Slims is an absolutely new cigarette brand, most recently launched by the Innovation Tobacco Company one of the prominent London cigarette producer that is well-known due to the top quality smoking brands such as Kiss, Beverly and Armada.

Continent cigarettes incorporate tobacco of premium quality, thoroughly selected and highly processed with the most up-to-date methods of tobacco blends. The traditional taste of American tobacco blend offers a refined and refreshing taste with each draw.  The company's chief manager Michael Ioannou stated, " Our discount Continent Super Slims cigarettes possess innovative dual-layer filter based on coal and ventilated acetate, which keeps the greater part of smoke chemicals in the filter.

Continent is an outstanding cigarette brand with its perfect taste and amazing flavor, all in one elegant and modern package, making it a worth trying smoking product sold in more than 30 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Order flawless Continent Super Slims cigarettes at our online cigarette store and take advantage of a superb opportunity to taste the tax free cigarettes at an incredibly low price. Fast delivery and without a doubt impressive quality and freshness of cigarettes is guaranteed to all our customers.  So, if you are looking for something original, Continent cigarettes will be a great choice for you.

At present these distinctive cigarettes are available at our store exclusively in one variety, which makes them even more special and fascinating.

Main features of Continent Super Slims discount cigarettes:

• Length - 100 mm
• Width -5 mm
• Nicotine amount- 0.6 mg
• Tar amount - 5 mg.