January 13, 2016

Marlboro Brand Receives New Look

Philip Morris has revealed new designs and product improvements for Marlboro, the UK’s first premium cigarette brand. Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol will all progress all together beginning February. These packs and product design updates reveal the continuous advancement of the brand during its 90 year history, however always preserving their original taste.

The new packages have saved the well-known Marlboro chevron just currently include a soft touch texture and a cleaner, more sophisticated and modern design. The cigarettes have completely new tipping paper designs and have been improved to contain a solid filter, producing the new Marlboro range exclusive to the market place.

Philip Morris managing director for the UK and Ireland, Martin Inkster said: “Marlboro without exception leads the way and we have made the daring step to renovate the product to make sure that cigarette users obtain the most premium smoking experience entirely possible. Our new packing places us aside from the competitors, fortifies Marlboro’s brand qualifications, and most notably, includes the world’s best-selling cigarette range.

We have also included firm filters that provide level of quality you can feel, and a better way to stub out your cigarette. “Marlboro cigarettes has been the worldwide No.1 since 1972 and is as well the most identified and asked for cigarette brand. At a significant time for merchants, we are making an investment in the brand to make sure it proceeds to provide them good profits from the rewarding premium segment. “Despite the fact that the iconic Marlboro brand is changing, the taste is not shifting. This key message will be disclosed via our national field force who are operating directly with merchants to commute awareness, accessibility and market share.

By Clark Moore, Staff Writer
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